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            Paging separating and labeling machine

            • Paging Separting and Labeling Machine
            • Paging Separting and Labeling Machine
            Paging Separting and Labeling MachinePaging Separting and Labeling Machine

            Paging Separting and Labeling Machine

            • Product description: Applicable to automatically separating and labeling pages of unformed paper boxes, instruction books and cards , and it can print codes which are from medicine, food, daily use chemical, etc.
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            1)The vacuum conveyer belt takes materials onto it automatically avoiding material translocation. It can separate pages stably and accurately;

            2) The whole machine adopts mature PLC control system to ensure the stable running in high speed;

            3) Schistose material with any diameter can be separated and labeled automatically after adjusting and locating fast without changing accessories with the use of popular type paging separating installation;

            4) Operation is simple, practical and efficient with the use of touch screen for operation system;

            5) Speed regulation can be adjusted for labeling, conveying, paging separating as needed;

            6) Labeling is performed smoothly with no creases with the use of elastic cotton idler wheel;

            7) Automatic photoelectric detection functions including cancelling labeling without objects there and stopping running or raising an alarm without labels to use to avoid omitting or wasting labels.

            Technical parameters

            Model technical parameters


            Labeling speed (pcs/min)

            40-150 p/min (relate to material and label size)

            Labeling accuracy

            ±1.0mm  (material and label sizes are not counted in)

            Label size

            (L)20-200mm   (H)10-144mm

            Material size

            (L)60-300  (W)40-200  (H)0.3-2mm

            Applicable Label Roll inside(mm):


            Applicable label roll outer diameter (mm):


            Size of the whole machine

            (L)2200*(W)850*(H)1500 (mm)

            Power supply

            AC220V 50Hz/60Hz  1200W

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