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            washing machiner

            • washing machinery
            washing machinery

            washing machinery

            • Product description: Packaging Material: Metal Applicable objects: juice drinks, alcoholic drinks, sauces, and others Material Type: Liquid Bottling
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            Technical performance:
            The machine is mainly used for rinsing polyester bottles and glass bottles. It is suitable for automatic rinsing of bottles before filling by food factories such as beverage factories, wineries, vinegar and soy sauce factories.
            The machine adopts flexible and powerful manipulator to grasp bottles, turn over 180 bottles, flush, control bottles, turn over and reset, release bottles and other processes, and achieves full automatic production. Continuous tracking bottle-flushing has high efficiency and good flushing effect. It can be used in line with filling machine, plugging machine and other equipment.
            Performance advantages:
            1) The automatic control system consisting of advanced electric and gas components makes the whole washing process fully automated. It can ensure that the machine can wash bottles reliably at high speed and continuous state, so it has high production efficiency. This machine belongs to the rotary type. It uses washing fluid (such as alkali liquid, hot water, clean cold water) and sterile compressed air to spray and flush the bottle chamber.
            2) The flushing system is designed with water circulation and filtration devices to make the flushing energy recycled and reduce energy consumption.
            3) The working mode of the bottle-punching sprinkler is designed with one fixed type and two kinds of follow-up lifting type for customers to choose. The bottle-punching process is reasonable with less residual liquid.
            4) Simple operation, with a variety of safety protection devices to ensure the safety of operators and equipment.
            5) Frequency modulation speed regulation technology is used in the main motor and bottle conveying belt.
            6) The main electrical components of the machine are made up of imported components from abroad, and there are also "man-machine interface" which can be selected by customers to configure the machine, so as to effectively ensure the stability and durability of the product.
            7) The machine is equipped with an independent power device. If the user needs, the driving force can be transmitted by universal coupling and linked with filling machine.
            8) The machine is designed with fast replaceable parts to facilitate customers to wash different bottles with the same machine. When it is necessary to flush from one bottle type to another, only a few parts related to the bottle type need to be replaced and completed in a very short time.
            9) The machine is designed with components such as disinfectant circulating system and water purifying circulating system which can be selected by customers. The circulating system of disinfectant is the circulating use of disinfectant in bottle flushing. The water purification circulating system is the second flushing water during bottle flushing, which is purified by the system and supplied for the first flushing water.

            10) Compared with the traditional bottle washer, the energy consumption, water consumption and occupied space of the machine are reduced by more than 80% at least. At the same time, it has little pollution to the environment and is easy to maintain.

            Technical parameters:
            Number of punching heads: 16
            Production capacity: 3000 bottles per hour
            Applicable bottleneck: _50-_100mm
            Use bottle height: 220-330 mm
            Power: 1.1 kW
            Profile size: 1300 *1300 *1600 mm
            Weight: 1100 kg

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