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            semi sutomatic labeling machine

            • Semi sutomatic flat labeling machine
            Semi sutomatic flat labeling machine

            Semi sutomatic flat labeling machine

            • Product description: 1. It is suitable for various specifications of bottles and caps. 2. Label synchronization positioning mechanism to ensure that the accuracy of tag positioning is as high as 0.5mm. 3. Simple operati
            • INQUIRY

            1)This equipment is dedicated to special product labeling, and applicable to a variety of specifications of the bottle and the lid, wide application scope

            2)Synchronous tension control power supply label ,Supply stable, fast,To ensure the speed and accuracy of labeling

            3)Label synchronous positioning mechanism,To ensure that the label positioning accuracy up to plus or minus 0.5 mm

            4)Specially customized for clients for the mould, When customer use more convenient

            5)Tag stripping distance by length, photoelectric with microcomputer automatic calculations, do not need to adjust the photoelectric position, easy to use

            6)Emergency stop switch pedal touches to ensure production safety, smooth operation

            7)The operation is simple, anyone can easily operate quickly using this equipment

            Technical parameters:



            Labeling speed (pcs/min)

            10-50 pcs/mintus

            (relate to material and label size)

            Labeling  accuracy(mm)

            +/- 0.5 mm

            Labeling  size

            (L)20-130mm (H)20-300mm

            Material  size


            Roll inside(mm)


            Size of the whole machine

            (L)650*(W)350*(H)550 (mm)

            Power supply

            AC220V 50Hz/60Hz  120W

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